Greek Food!

Food from my trip to Greece ❤

There are a lot of pictures in this post, about 30… yeah, it took forever to upload. This is not everything I ate, just an idea. The greek food I had while Island hoping in Greece was DELICIOUS!! (After about a week of nothing but Greek food, I did crave food that was more normal to my usual diet, but still… delicious)


So, this is the first thing I had in Greece, a smoothie at the airport. The problem was that neither Chris nor I could figure out the other flavours, so we had to get the one with the picture on the front 🙂

Alright, well, fresh squeezed orange juice. Yummy, yummy yummy. It is also EXPENSIVE. The waiter asked if I wanted Orange Juice with my breakfast so I said yes, and he brought fresh OJ… then when the chit came, it was €5. €5!! That’s about $8 for a glass of juice!! A glass of wine was €5 and I paid the same for a glass of OJ. Let’s just say, I did not make that mistake again, and will not fall for it in future trips.

The first of many crepes. I never knew that the Greek’s LOVED Nutella so much. I mean, it was everywhere. I had a lot of crepe over the two weeks I was in Greece for.

A traditional greek salad. This was Chris’s. I do not like tomato or olives… or in this one’s case, capers. So, whenever I had a greek salad while we were there I shared it with Chris (and left him all the tomatoes)!

When Chris had that greek salad, I had this fruit salad ^^. How adorable right? I was not ecpecting this fancy deliciousness when I ordered a fruit salad, it was a nice surprise. And so refreshing on the beach.

Alright, so this is a hot dog… just a normal old hot dog in bun with ketchup and mustard. But, instead of slicing the bun open, they stick it on a metal pole kind of thing then squirt the ketchup and mustard in, then slide the hot dog in. I have NEVER seen hot dogs made this way, I think it is so cool! No ketchup sloping onto your clothing, it is next level hot dog skills.

Chris’s Greek Omelette- all the fixings of a greek salad in breakfast form.

Turkey Sammig. Yupp, not much more I can say about that.


Fresh made Baklava from a tiny little shop in Mykonos. We enjoyed this sitting at a little table outside the shop, while the shop dog watched us eat. Apparently dogs wandering around is normal for Greece, I felt kinda bad for the little guy.

More crepe, yummynummynummnumm.

Gyros Pizza. Pizza with gyros meat on it. Oh, I did have regular Gyros but I forgot to upload pictures of them.

Chris had a full breakfast, eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, tomato. The sausage was a little different than the sausages we usually have, but it was good.

Gyros Meat- at first I found this very cool and intriguing. By the end of the trip, however, I couldn’t look at these because I was so grossed out by the fat seeping down the meat. Blah.

Sauce for bread with dinner- I am not sure what it’s called but it’s made wit hcaviar and is the same colour as Pepto Bismol. This night was not a good night for me, it was our first night in Santorini and had a late dinner with the group, and we went to a balcony style restraunt (which most restraunts are in Santorini) and not being able to see in front of me because it was dark out and there was nothing in front of us (just sky and sea) but blackness, which made me feel sick to my stomach. But Chris had a good dinner.

The next night Chris and I went for a sunset dinner along the Caldera, since it was lighter out I felt a lot better. This was our appetizer, Saganaki. Saganaki ended up being my favorite food on the trip.

For our romantic dinner ,Chris had a chicken dish with a cream and mushroom sauce. Very very yummy.

I had Carbonara- for some reason I craved pasta for pretty much the entire trip.

And for dessert Creme Brulee. My favorite dessert, watching the sunset in beautiful Santorini, with my handsome man… Yepp, pretty good life just then.

Toast- a sandwich which has been toasted, like a griled cheese with extra fillings.

A Super Burger. A really long bun with a hamburger sliced in half and placed along it, regular burger toppings, bacon, and egg. Chris was expecting a fried egg on it (as was I) and when it came it was a hard boiled egg sliced up. Kind of a disapointment, but oh well- apparently it was still enjoyable.

More crepes 🙂

And more….

And another crepe.


And Chris and a waffle, instead of a crepe. The reason we went to the crepe place so much was because they had one of the best internet connections of the trip 🙂 and you could go on for as long as you wanted while at the restraunt.

Alright, well, booberella I know, But the picture is supossed to be about the chip bag. Greek Salt and Vinegar.

I told you the Greeks love their Nutella. So do I though, so I loved every second of it.

MCDONALDS! Thank goodness. I really needed some food I knew and loved. In Greece they put the drinks in the bag with the food- SO COOL!

And Finally- a menu in all greek. It wasn’t until we got to Loutsa that we got a menu that was in Greek. There had been greek on all the menus we had, but this one had no English, it was pretty cool… But I had no idea how to order, teehee.


Alright, well, that is some of the food from Chris and I’s trip to Greece. We had a great time travelling through Mykonos, Santorini, Ios, and Loutsa/Athens… and I definatly want to go back to Greece, mostly Santorini again in the future, but first I have a bunch of other places to check off before heading back. 🙂