Individual Peach & Blackberry Pies!

Looks yummy- don’t it.

Living in an apartment with two people, my boyfriend and myself, desserts are a dangerous thing to make. Because, well, once I make one, we have to either eat it or waste it. Which is why I am always looking for desserts that are either already only two servings, or can easily be scaled down… like pie.

Using pre-made pie shell, I cut out circles using a peanut butter lid as a guide, and lined muffin tins with them. The stuffing is peach and blackberry, but you can use whatever pie filling you want.

For the top, I planned on doing a lattice, but they are so tiny that it was ugly. I settled on hearts- cute right.

One of the best things about them? They are so small that you don’t feel guilty adding ice cream- or eating a second! 😉