DIY Bow Belt

Obviously this is not food, which means it must be something from my list of things to do this summer. I made this almost 2 weeks ago, and am just getting to posting it now… I am really behind on blogging for mulitple reasons, work, placement, a trip to visit home, and now (even though I am dieing from a sore throat) I have decided to try and catch up. One benefit to catching up, I didn;t make many cool meals or do anything worthy of being blogged so this should go pretty quickly.

Sooooo, the other week I made a bow belt from scratch. I got the instructions from ‘Momtastic: Canada”, which I found on craftgawker- foodgawker and craftgawker have become two of my favorite websites.

Want to make your own Bow Belt? Follow this link to find really clear easy-to-follow instructions:

This should have taken me 20 minutes max, but OH YEAH, I had to do it by hand because my sewing machine is not working right now…. so it took quite a bit longer than that. Also, doing it by hand meant that the sewing lines weren’t very straight, so the end product is not as clean and nice as I wanted it to be, but my my first time I’m proud of it,

I did something pretty silly while making the belt. I put the first snap on backwards, but didn’t realize until I was at this point^^ so I had to undo everything to flip the first clasp. THEN, after undoing it fixing the snap nad redoing it all, I put the second snap on the WRONG SIDE OF THE BELT! At this point, I was tired and sick of sewing by hand, so I went to bed. The next morning I redid the second clasp, put it on the right side, and finished the first piece of the belt.

The second and third pieces of the belt (which make the bow) took me about 30 minutes, would have been 5 minutes if I had a sewing machine, and the belt was finished!!

I have since taking these pictures, tightened the material that is the middle of the bow so it looks more defined. I haven’t had a chance to actually wear the belt, but it looks really cute in my closet 🙂 ❤