Jalapeño Popper Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I did not make these. Chris did. I didn’t even get to try one, he ate them all while I was at work… but I did give him the idea, which I found on Allrecipes.com and told him to make them while I was at work.

Apparently they are DELICIOUS, the night after Chris made them I had to work again, and Chris chose to make more Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese instead of Steak… yeah, you read that correctly.

I can’t say that much more than that. What a blog 😉



Golden Baked Macaroni

I feel like I made this a year ago. But, I can remember it as though I had it 5 minutes ago- it was super delicious. It was actually on my list of things to do this summer. Foodgawker called it the adult version of a childhood favorite, I have not had enough Mac’n’Cheese to make such a bold statement, but it was yummy.


The recipe called for being topped with bread crumbs, but I never EVER have bread crumbs so true to Veronica fasion, I used crushed soda crackers. Om nom nom nom nom.

Chris and I both had seconds. I was hoping there would be left overs so that I could have a little after work, but by the time I got home it was all gone!!

This is a definate make again, and again, and again, and again, and again. ❤

and again.


Oh- I guess I should post the blog that it is from: http://elizabethsedibleexperience.blogspot.com/2008/11/turkey-day-troubles-installment-2.html

Cinnamon Bun Pancakes

Wow, it feels like forever ago that Chris and I made these. It wasn’t planned or anything, just one day Chris asked what I wanted for breakfast and the blog I had seen about these popped right into my head… and since we had all the ingredients on hand, we made them.

The blog I found them on: http://www.bigredkitchen.com/2010/06/cinnamon-roll-pancakes.html while stumbling, of course!

It didn’t take long to make, which is great for Saturday morning, and the clean up afterwards was minimal (unlike the caramel apple cheesecake we made last night!). We used the pre-made pancake, just-add-water-stuff, which cut a lot of time out as well. Putting the cinnamon mixture and icing mixture in plastic baggies over tumblers was an idea from the blog with the recipe, and I have used the techique for many things since- great idea!

This is a pancake on the griddle, they looked so pretty until it was time to flip…. flipping took a while to get used to, but eventually Chris mastered it.

These are the pancakes in the oven staying warm. You can see how the flipping improved as we went, some are mis-shappen mishaps, but the ones we did later on actually look good 🙂

Here is my finished plate, everything was good, I sliced up some strawberries and banana’s to go with the pancakes, and as we settled in to eat them I took a few bites then suddenly remembered- I hate pancakes!! I HATE them, hate hate hate pancakes! But… I ate my entire plate, surprisingly.

I won’t make them again any time soon, since I hate pancakes, but Chris really liked them, so they will be made again… and I have to admit the icing was yummy 🙂

That night, we didn’t really feel like cooking, but Chris made some chicken for us to eat, I was so proud of him, It was a bone-in, skin-on chicken thigh, and he lifted the skin to put in garlic and onions for a richer flavour, and cooked it in a honey sauce…. it was really good- I was shocked (not that it tasted good, I knew it would, but at his technique)! 

I love him! ❤

Pasta Pizza

This recipe was sent to me by Chris’s mom, who made it for her Niece’s and Nephew one night- who LOVED IT. It is a really cool way to do baked pasta, in a way that kid’s will enjoy.

Pasta is used to make a crust, then covered in a meat sauce, and topped with cheese. Yumm, Yumm.

It was easy to make, only took about 40 minutes, including baking the pasta crust.

Both Chris and I enjoyed it a lot. I did make one change to the recipe as adviced by Chris’s mom. She suggested adding a bit of tomato sauce to the meat mixture because when she made it the meat was a little dry, so that I did- and it was great. I had some left over marina in the fridge, so I added about 1/3 a cup to the mixture before pouring it over the noodle crust.

I was going to post the recipe, but for some reason my Paprika isn’t emailing it to me… once I figre out what is wrong, I will post the recipe!

DIY Bow Belt

Obviously this is not food, which means it must be something from my list of things to do this summer. I made this almost 2 weeks ago, and am just getting to posting it now… I am really behind on blogging for mulitple reasons, work, placement, a trip to visit home, and now (even though I am dieing from a sore throat) I have decided to try and catch up. One benefit to catching up, I didn;t make many cool meals or do anything worthy of being blogged so this should go pretty quickly.

Sooooo, the other week I made a bow belt from scratch. I got the instructions from ‘Momtastic: Canada”, which I found on craftgawker- foodgawker and craftgawker have become two of my favorite websites.

Want to make your own Bow Belt? Follow this link to find really clear easy-to-follow instructions: http://www.momtastic.com/home-and-living/features/113787-diy-bow-belt

This should have taken me 20 minutes max, but OH YEAH, I had to do it by hand because my sewing machine is not working right now…. so it took quite a bit longer than that. Also, doing it by hand meant that the sewing lines weren’t very straight, so the end product is not as clean and nice as I wanted it to be, but my my first time I’m proud of it,

I did something pretty silly while making the belt. I put the first snap on backwards, but didn’t realize until I was at this point^^ so I had to undo everything to flip the first clasp. THEN, after undoing it fixing the snap nad redoing it all, I put the second snap on the WRONG SIDE OF THE BELT! At this point, I was tired and sick of sewing by hand, so I went to bed. The next morning I redid the second clasp, put it on the right side, and finished the first piece of the belt.

The second and third pieces of the belt (which make the bow) took me about 30 minutes, would have been 5 minutes if I had a sewing machine, and the belt was finished!!

I have since taking these pictures, tightened the material that is the middle of the bow so it looks more defined. I haven’t had a chance to actually wear the belt, but it looks really cute in my closet 🙂 ❤

Origami Stars

I have been slacking on posting, I know, but hopefully I can get back on track now.

One of the things on my list for the summer was to make an origami star table topper- so that is what I did last week. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I split it up, I made about 30 stars one day, 30 the next day, and about 50 the last day. I only had to make them for about an hour a day (including getting everything together, cutting the strips out, folding them all, and popping them into stars)

These are the strips and three different stages: the first tie in the paper, the middle of wrapping it, and the un-popped star.

These are some of the stars all finished.

This is kind-of the finished project… not all the stars are there, I made about 50 more stars so the bowl is much more full.

I am not using this as a table topper… I just stuck it on the shelving unit in the bathroom 🙂 It brings some colour to the room.

One of the best things about this project- it was CHEAP! The glass bowl I got at Walmart for $1.97 (CNDN- obviously), and the stars are made out of 10 sheets of construction paper… which came from a 200 pack of construction paper I got for a dollar at the dollar store =D

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

Om nom nom nom nom.

I found this recipe while stumbling- it is from Betty Crocker. I made them for dessert after the bacon bowl dinner. They were on my list of things to do this summer, as were the bacon bowls- so it was nice to be able to check both off at the  same time 🙂

The cookies are SO easy to make- you use Betty Crocker’s sugar cookie mix, green dye, mint extract, and chocolate chips (and the egg and milk that is required for the cookie mix).

I love the way the dough looks, I kind of wanted to stop right there are eat it- but I have a thing against eating cookie dough (unless is it in Cookie Dough ice cream)… so into the oven they went.

And this is how they came out… delicious. Eat them warm!! They are so much better when warm (I only know of one cookie that isn’t better warm, and that’s oreo’s!)

Bacon Bowls!

Yes, you read that correctly. Bacon bowls, as in bowls made of bacon. I found them while stumbling, on a blog called ‘Not Martha’

These were on my list of things to do this summer. For dinner I made the bacon bowls, a quick salad, steak, and sweet potato fries. I put the fries in the bacon bowls. The bacon bowls are not the way to make things healthy- but they are definatly cool.

I had to improvize because I didn’t realize that you need jumbo muffin tins in order to make the bowls, so I put little metal ramikans over a normal muffin tin before covering them in tin foil. Then I had to weave the bacon over them, and bake for about 15 minutes at 400.

This is the empty, finished bacon bowl. I let then cool on the tins before pulling them off.

Dinner: BBQ steak, Salad (strawberry, iceburg lettuce, cucumber, and raspberry poppyseed dressing- maybe a bit too much dressing), and the bacon bowls with sweet potato fries.

There’s a close-up of the bacon bowl in action. I wish my sweet potato fries had been a bit crispier, but if I let them cook any longer they would have burnt. They are coated with vegetable oil, salt, garlic powder, pepper, cayenne pepper, and a bit of cumin.

Yumm, yumm, and check that of my list 🙂

Super BLT Clubs.

I started the day off with a smoothie, yumm. Nothing special, just some strawberries, a banana, and a few splashes of the Strawberry-Pineapple juice that Chris and I made the night before. So SO so easy to make, and perfect for an early morning refreshing breakfast.

This is my smoothie, small, great colour, yummy, and took all of 30 seconds- Thank you magic bullet and premade fresh fruit juice 🙂 ❤


On Tuesday’s I go to placement, even though my school is finished I have decided to continue going to Placement in order to become more comfortable in the classroom. I do not think that the 40 hours they made us do this year was nearly enough, so I still go on Tuesdays. (OH, BTW I am in school to become a teacher… that’s what I mean by placement in the classroom)

Usually when I go to placement Chris and I just grab Subway at the mall, but this is getting too expensive for me so I planned an easy similar dinner- we didn’t have homemade subs, we had Double Decker BLT Club sandwichs.

Now what is one of the most IMPORTANT components of BLTs???



Chris and I have been watching EpicMealTime a lot lately- Check them out on Youtube. When I asked Chris to make the Bacon (since, obviously, it’s the man’s job to cook the bacon-duh…. *insert emoticon of rolling eyes, lol*), he just HAD to make it the way that the guys in EpicMealTime do. So it was Bacon strips and Bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips.

Chris does his thing with the bacon, but once it it done, it’s my turn. I used a tip I read in the newest Food Network magazine… chopping the bacon up to tiny little pieces (I just magic bullet’ed it for a few seconds), and mixing it into the mayo. Yupp, it’s fantastic. The Bacon and Mayo infuse together to make a combination of delicious GOODness. The best part of this bacon mayo- when you get to eating, the bacon doesn’t pull out with your first bite- heaven.

Then we assembled the sandwiches. Bread, Bacon/Mayo, Lettuce, Deli Turkey, Bread, Bacon/Mayo, Lettuce, Bread. For Chris’s there is an extra layer with Tomato, but I hate them so I leave them out… Yeah I know, then you didn’t have a BLT- but we had turkey in them, so there’s my T- boo yeah!

Oh, and we buttered the toast… Oh gosh, these aren’t very healthy are they??

As a side, I made a macoroni dish that is on my list of things to do this summer. Neither Chris nor I were big fans- I actually didn’t like it AT ALL. I think this is because the sauce has mustard in it, which I am not a big fan of to begin with, I am picky with Mustard, I have to really be in the mood for mustard, otherwise the smell makes me feel sick- strange eh?

Overall, the sandwichs were DELICIOUS, and the Macaroni.. well, it wasn;t even needed because the BLTs wer efilling enough. But at least I can check the macaroni off of my list, and never make again! Not too fear though, because I have tons of other macaroni recipes to go through 🙂