Sausages :)

Yesterday I bussed to school to do some studying. Well, my intent was to go and study, but instead we (the girl I was meeting up with & I) kinda just creeped facebook and such for awhile, we did do a bit of studying but not as much as I would have liked to. I brought my Bento Box filled with snacks for the afternoon. I first saw the Bento Boxes on another blog called “The World According to Eggface” and LOVED them right away.

I ordered mine off of Ebay because Amazon doesn’t ship them to Canada, but it is SO worth the money. My Bento is black and pink, and once I start making more money (thank goodness the school year is ending so I can work fulltime for the summer and save some money!!) I will be ordering a set of different inserts so that I can pack various other items 🙂 (like a sandwhich, my current Bento inserts do not fit a full sandwhich, but the pack I will be getting does).

Because I was only packing a snack I kept it really light. Two little oranges with two mini ‘Big Turk’ bites, a nutrigrain bar with some Jolly Ranchers, Cashews, and in the sealed boxes are Carrots (the top right one) and ranch (the itsy-bitsy one).

I didn’t end up eating most of this, but it is light weight and easy to carry around because all of the pink boxes fit into the one black box, so it fit into my mini back-pack easily.

For dinner Chris and I had sausages and Butter & Herb sidekicks.

Okay, okay. So last night’s dinner did not require any real cooking on my behalf. I took the easy way out… The plan was to have sausages and make a potato recipe from Kraft.. I can’t remember the proper name of them right this second, but it’s scalloped potatoes with maple syrup and bacon. Instead, I let my cold get the better of me and I just settled for making a Sidekick. But, nonetheless, dinner was quick, easy, and yummy… Sometimes you need a meal like that 🙂

This is mine: Just ketchup and Mustard 🙂

These are Chris’s: Mustard and smoothered in Sauerkraut

Tonight we are either having Asian Orange Chicken or Buffalo Chicken Taco’s… Haven’t quite decided yet, I’ll see how I feel around 4pm 🙂