Random Paper Craft

Alright, so, the other night (about two weeks ago) Chris and I watched Big Brother (obviously) and then Rookie Blue came on… which Chris loves, and I am jsut getting into now that it comes on after Big Brother and it’s on the T.V. I had that late night-prebedtime energy rush and my eyes shifted from the T.V. down to the ugly Kinect box that we have been using as a stand for the Kinect and I decided to do something about it…

I went into the spare-room immediately and pulled out my dollar store package of craft paper. Then came the scissors, glue, and tape. I didn’t know what I was going to do exactly but I had the necessary tools to do it.

I started by wraping the front half of the box with black paper, which proved much more difficult than I thought it would be because of the way that the box opens. Then I cut a bunch of colours into strips and weaved them, then attached it to the front…. It’s not as long as the box, but I don’t really care, this make-shift stand is jsut until I find something a bit more sound. 

This is how it turned out, pretty cute for a last second – late night – 10 minute project. I must say.

While the paper and glue were still out I tackled one of the things on my “List of things to do this Summer”… and made a paper garland. I would LOVE to give credit where it is due and tell you the blog I found this on, but I can’t remember what it is… and if you google Paper garland, you get 1,910,000 results. Sorry!

I actually love the crappy dollarstore coloured paper for this, I think it looks kinda nice all faded like.

This is how I have it on my media stand right now, next to the Kinect box I covered.

Then, one last thing I did with some scrap paper before going to bed was make this paper ring. I learnt this a long time ago, in girl guides or something, I think in the fifth grade…

Here is a website with good, clear instructions on how to make your own. I suggest using better paper than construction paper, since it gets pretty difficult to fold if you use construction paper. I remember making them out of old wrapping paper. Maybe it was sixth grade? I don’t remember.

Well, that was my hour of craftyness. But it did spark something in my mind to get on top of my list of things do to this summer, since summer is almost over.

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