The Craziness that is Comic Con!

My last week has been ABSOLUTELY insane.

Last Wednesday, my day began like usual… class, class, more class, oh! and another class. After 6 hours of class and a three hour break before 3 more hours of class, I get a little exhausted and have very little time to make fancy dinners. So, I made sweet potato fries from scratch (served with home-made chipotle mayo), and Broc/Cauli Cheddar Omelettes.

Omelette w Sweet Potato fries

My sweet potato fries are really simple, I peel the potatoes then cut them into french frie sizes, then toss in olive oil, Franks hot sauce, and a bit of freshly ground black pepper. To cook, I bake them at 450 for about 8 minutes, flip and cook them for about 10 minutes. This time around, I cut them a little to thickly and so they were a bit soggy be still YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!! The Chipotle mayo is simply mayo, franks hot sauce, and Chipotle seasonings- I have also made it with ground up chipotle in adobo, but prefer the seasoning.

The omelettes are SUPER SIMPLE. I used the Green Giant Broc/Cauli Cheddar frozen vegetable side that you can get in the freezer at most grocers, cooked that according to the package directions and used it as my omelette fillings, melting some mozz. on top ­čÖé

After dinner I went to my night class, and when I got home from night class things got CRAZY for me. My boyfriend started to freak out about me not having my passport renewed (we are going to Greece this summer) so we (he)┬ádecided that I had to go home righht away. I caught the Red-Eye Greyhound to Toronto, and Thursday becomes a blur. 2 hours sleep, go get passport photo, go get father-in-law-to-be to sign them, go to passport office (which smells AWEFUL), sleep 2 hours, ESSAY ESSAY ESSAY! For dinner, even though I had planned an amazing St. Patty’s day dinner that I couldn’t make, I ended up breaking my Lent (I knew going into Lent that the weekend I went home would not work because of Comic Con). For dinner we got poutines at a new Poutine restraunt downtown Brampton. If you ever find yourself in Brampton, go to the Poutine place downtown!! We had these with burgers and Green Beer while watching the 4 hour Destination Truth special!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were purely dedicated to COMIC CON!! My father is a cartoonist (on the side of his normal job, owning/operating Aquality Fish) and so we have a booth at Comic Con (and Fan Expo, and a bunch of other conventions of this type). The business is called “Blockheadz!”- check them out at or on their facebook page “Are you a Blockhead… I am!”… they are really, very cool unique gift ideas and collectors peices!!

(thats me in front of the Blockheadz! booth)

With Comic Con going on, there is no time for cooking ANYTHING. My weekend was full of junk food, crap, and CHIPOTLE FRIES, which is what I will end on for today. Chipotle Fries are fantastic, gooey, yummy, spicy fries that you can get at the Direct Energy Centre in TO, which is where Comic Con is held. Last year, we fell in love with them. By we, I mean everyone that comes out to support Blockheadz! This year they weren’t as good as last year- but were still our valued chipotle fries!!