Bacon Cinnamon Buns <3


Bacon. Cinnamon. Buns.

It’s as amazing as it sounds.

Why do I have an obsession with Bacon?

Why do I strongly believe that Bacon is the best food in the world?

My daddy. My dad loves Bacon, ipso-facto, I love Bacon. As does my amazing Boyfriend Chris (who is driving me crazy right this second!!!!)

So, when I have an oppurtunity to take something delicious and Baconize it, I do not hesitate.

Don’t forget to cook the bacon for about 2 minutes on each side before using it in the Cinnamon rolls.

I made these one Sunday morning for Chris and I we each started with one but ended up having two each because they are SO good. But, I won’t be making them often because they are very unhealthy, and impossible to not eat right away.

Om nom nom.


BTW- I did not come up with this idea (although I wish I had). I found it on the blog Rainy Day Gal while stumbling. Man I love StumbleUpon.


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