Pasta Pizza

This recipe was sent to me by Chris’s mom, who made it for her Niece’s and Nephew one night- who LOVED IT. It is a really cool way to do baked pasta, in a way that kid’s will enjoy.

Pasta is used to make a crust, then covered in a meat sauce, and topped with cheese. Yumm, Yumm.

It was easy to make, only took about 40 minutes, including baking the pasta crust.

Both Chris and I enjoyed it a lot. I did make one change to the recipe as adviced by Chris’s mom. She suggested adding a bit of tomato sauce to the meat mixture because when she made it the meat was a little dry, so that I did- and it was great. I had some left over marina in the fridge, so I added about 1/3 a cup to the mixture before pouring it over the noodle crust.

I was going to post the recipe, but for some reason my Paprika isn’t emailing it to me… once I figre out what is wrong, I will post the recipe!


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