Super BLT Clubs.

I started the day off with a smoothie, yumm. Nothing special, just some strawberries, a banana, and a few splashes of the Strawberry-Pineapple juice that Chris and I made the night before. So SO so easy to make, and perfect for an early morning refreshing breakfast.

This is my smoothie, small, great colour, yummy, and took all of 30 seconds- Thank you magic bullet and premade fresh fruit juice 🙂 ❤


On Tuesday’s I go to placement, even though my school is finished I have decided to continue going to Placement in order to become more comfortable in the classroom. I do not think that the 40 hours they made us do this year was nearly enough, so I still go on Tuesdays. (OH, BTW I am in school to become a teacher… that’s what I mean by placement in the classroom)

Usually when I go to placement Chris and I just grab Subway at the mall, but this is getting too expensive for me so I planned an easy similar dinner- we didn’t have homemade subs, we had Double Decker BLT Club sandwichs.

Now what is one of the most IMPORTANT components of BLTs???



Chris and I have been watching EpicMealTime a lot lately- Check them out on Youtube. When I asked Chris to make the Bacon (since, obviously, it’s the man’s job to cook the bacon-duh…. *insert emoticon of rolling eyes, lol*), he just HAD to make it the way that the guys in EpicMealTime do. So it was Bacon strips and Bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips.

Chris does his thing with the bacon, but once it it done, it’s my turn. I used a tip I read in the newest Food Network magazine… chopping the bacon up to tiny little pieces (I just magic bullet’ed it for a few seconds), and mixing it into the mayo. Yupp, it’s fantastic. The Bacon and Mayo infuse together to make a combination of delicious GOODness. The best part of this bacon mayo- when you get to eating, the bacon doesn’t pull out with your first bite- heaven.

Then we assembled the sandwiches. Bread, Bacon/Mayo, Lettuce, Deli Turkey, Bread, Bacon/Mayo, Lettuce, Bread. For Chris’s there is an extra layer with Tomato, but I hate them so I leave them out… Yeah I know, then you didn’t have a BLT- but we had turkey in them, so there’s my T- boo yeah!

Oh, and we buttered the toast… Oh gosh, these aren’t very healthy are they??

As a side, I made a macoroni dish that is on my list of things to do this summer. Neither Chris nor I were big fans- I actually didn’t like it AT ALL. I think this is because the sauce has mustard in it, which I am not a big fan of to begin with, I am picky with Mustard, I have to really be in the mood for mustard, otherwise the smell makes me feel sick- strange eh?

Overall, the sandwichs were DELICIOUS, and the Macaroni.. well, it wasn;t even needed because the BLTs wer efilling enough. But at least I can check the macaroni off of my list, and never make again! Not too fear though, because I have tons of other macaroni recipes to go through 🙂


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