Part Two: Quinoa Cakes

To go with our Spring Rolls we made Quinoa Cakes and a Lemony Yogurt Sauce. I believe this recipe is from Canadian Living, but I copied it into my Ipad before I got Paprika, and when I copied them into Notes I didn’t copy down sources.

Anyway, we made quinoa cakes. Very much like Quinoa Burgers but with different additives. Instead of a bunch of spices and carrot, there is spinach and other spices.

I didn’t make a very good decision regarding plates… the sauce just looks silly on a white plate… but oh well. I didn’t really like the sauce, but the cakes were good. The sauce was Balkan style yogurt, fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper… and just not for me. I wish I had realized that before I put it all over my quinoa cakes, but hey- now I know for next time!

Well, this isn’t a long blog… but it goes with the Spring Roll one, the cakes were just one part of the meal 🙂


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