Part One: Spring Rolls

I am a few days behind- for a good reason though. I have been sick (just a common cold) and working (not at the same time).

The other night Chris and I made spring rolls and quinoa cakes. Not to be mistaken with quinoa burgers. But first we made Spring Rolls. I kinda just winged these. Julienned some carrots, orange pepper, cucumber, and celery. Then I got Chris to wrap them in rice paper and we fried them for a bit to get them crispy. Served warm with Sweet Thai Chili sauce.

Chris wrapping the Spring Rolls up 🙂

The insides. Yumm yumm, healthiness.

All rolled up and ready for frying.

Frying- Buh Bye Healthiness.


Yumm yumm.

I don’t know why I was always so afraid to try to make spring rolls, I guess I assumed the insides were some crazy list of ingredients, but apparently they are really easy!… really, really easy! And super cheap! a pack of rice paper is about $3, and comes with like 30 papers in it- they last forever!


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