My attempt at Professional Photography

This in one of the things on my list of Things To Do This Summer. I’v been chosing which ones to do by using a random number generator… and this is one of the one’s that came up for this week 🙂

I came across this method of taking professional pictures on Stumble Upon, but it’s actually from the blog ‘Handmadeology’

My pictures didn’t turn out as well as they do on the original blog, but meh- I tried.

In the instructions they said to put the paper on a window and push a table up to the window… I live in a half underground apartment, so tables don’t reach windows. I improvized, pretty clever eh?

My pictures didn’t work out so well. But, it was a fun little project. I chose my perfume and body spray because they were small enough that I didn’t get pictures of the edge of the stool. I think they would have turned out better if I could get a better reflection of the light from the piece of tin foil/cardboard paper I was using… but oh well!

The PINK body spray made better pictures, but still not as good as I would have liked them.

I’m not sure if I’ll try this again, but it was fun playing around with the items, angles, and lighting for a while 🙂


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