Asian Orange Chicken

The other night I made Asian Orange Chicken. This is one of the favorites in our apartment. It’s just like the Orange Chicken at Manchu Wok. Yum Yumm Yummm!! I found the recipe on, but have found a ton of versions online.

One word for the wiser- If you ever chose to make this dish, make sure you marinate the chicken in the sauce for about 2 hours before tossing it in flour. This makes the flavours so rich and thorough, much better than if you don’t marinate it. We had it served over very thin rice noodles. We usually have it over Raman noodles, but this way tasted jsut as good 🙂 The sauce stood out more with the thin thin noodles, but the Raman noodles made it more substantial of a meal.

After dinner, Chris and I were in need of some dessert. I attempted to make Butterscotch Cresents. I found the recipe on a few weeks ago. Notice how I said ‘attempted’, well that is because they were nearly IMPOSSIBLE to roll together. I eventually gave up and just smushed them into whatever shape would hold the butterscotch chips.

All said and done, they were not worth the hassle. Chris and I both agreed that we would have preferred regular old cresents with hot butter. The cresent baked before the butterscitch/coconut mix melted… they were difficult to roll together, and the stuff kept falling out without even being touch… and they didn’t have that great of a taste. We served them with ice cream, and the ice cream is what made dessert worthwhile. ❤


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