Taquitos & Maple-Bacon Potatoes

The other night I made TAQUITOS!… I LOVE taquitos. Every time I go home I go to 7-11 and get taquitos, it’s a bonding moment for my brother and I (and Chris sometimes). And since I haven’t been home in FOREVER and don’t know the next time I will be able to go home, I made a taquito recipe that I ‘Stumbled upon’. They were SO so SO good.

It was difficult to get a good picture, but the flavour is what matters. They look boring, but taste great! Oh, and a positive… they took about 15 minutes to cook!!!

I got the recipe from ‘Pennies in a Platter’ (I found it on Stumble Upon).

As a side to go with the taquitos I made the Maple-Bacon scalloped potatoes that I have been planning to make for like 2 weeks! These were really good! Recipe from Kraft

Being scalloped potatoes they take a while to cook, but we weren’t in a rush to eat so that didn’t bother us 🙂 The recipe calls for pre-made bacon bits, I used real bacon that we made the other day for breakfast. They have great flavour, the sauce is delicious and the maple and bacon both stand out jsut enough to be tasteful without over powering the rest of the flavours.

It was an odd combination of the taquitos and the potatoes, but the spicy in the taquitos was balanced out nicely by the sweetness of the maple syrup in the potatoes. I recommend people try both, maybe not at the same time… but definatly try both.

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