Strawberry Lemonade

This is the start of my list of “Things to do this summer…”

There are 58 things to do on my list. I created the list to keep me busy without going stir-crazy here in Copper Cliff this summer. Everything on the list is stuff I found on Stumble Upon. Most of the things to do are from either Foodgawker or Craftgawker (I absolutely love these sites!)

I began my list with Strawberry Lemonade from

This is how things start… well, at least when they get to my house. They start as seeds and all that, but I live in a small basement-ish apartment with no chance of a garden… I was thinking of trying to grow some herbs or something but I doubt even those would last let alone lemons and strawberries 🙂

Then I blended the strawberries with some water while Chris juiced the lemons (guess he got the short stick :P)

Then as most juices happen, Chris and I added these two liquids together and added warm sugar water to the mix, stuck in the freezer for about an hour, stirring once after half an hour.

AND finito. Strawberry Lemonade. Check ONE on my list of things to do this summer 🙂


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