Catch-Up: Taco’s, Breakfast, Pizza… and other stuff I think

Okay, I know I have slacked but it’s exam time, what else would anyone expect between studying, working on papers, and starting a new job I have zero seconds to spare. But, I have learnt something, NEVER again take 6 courses in one semester! There, hopefully that will lower my stress levels this time next year… hopefully.

So, one of those nights that I didn’t post anything we went to Subway while out shopping for some stuff for the apartment… included in our loots for the night was a shelving unit for the bathrom (one of the ones that goes over the toilet)

The next night we made buffalo chicken taco’s… it was difficult to get a picture of them once they were rolled up, so I took a picture of one before I rolled it.

From bottom it goes buffalo chicken chunks, cheese, lettuce, hot sauce (b/c I like it spicy), ranch dressing, yellow bell pepper.

They were delicious, and really simple… just something quick to make πŸ™‚ and served with veggies and dip

Saturday morning Chris made a huge breakfast ❀ all by himself, I just watched him cooking the bacon

<img class=”aligncenter size-medium wp-image-97″ title=”Breakfast

Soooo much food! But very yummy =D

For dinner that night, we had to make something quick because I had to work at 5 at my new job… Work was really good, it was my first event at the new place, and it was the first gay wedding I have ever worked, and having been working at banquets for over a year this shocks me, it was fun πŸ™‚

For dinner we made pizza, we had the extra crust from when we made buffalo chicken pizza and we had sausages still in the freezer so we put together a pizza really quick before I went to work

Then today we made skor-bit blondies, Which I haven’t taken a picture of quite yet.. so I’ll put that up tomorrow.

And for dinner we made Quinoa Burgers and as a side I was planning to make broccoli cheddar soup but it is BOILING in our apartment so I opted for fried eggs inside of green pepper rings

I’m not even going to let myself get onto Quinoa… I love QUINOA!!!

The egg rings were fun, I found them while Stumbling πŸ™‚

I need to get back to school stuff, so I will find the link to the original recipe for tomorrow

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