Mexican Beef Stew w/ Sweet-Potato Mash

Another favorite in our apartment! Chris’s mum sent me this recipe, and we LOVE it. We love it so much that we gave it to our room mates and made it for my family one time when we were visiting 🙂

Mexican Beef Stew with Chipotle Sweet Potato Mash. Yumm yumm, you use chocolate to cook the beef, and in the flour to thicken the stew, which when mixed with the sweet potato balances the spicy in the stew from the chipotle peppers in adobo sauce in the stew 🙂

The original recipe says to put the stew on top of the sweet potato, but we like it like this because we can scoop the potato as we scoop some stew.

The first time we made this stew, we made and ate it right away and the beef was tough tough tough! So, from then on I have made the stew in the early afternoon and left it cooking on low for the entire day, which makes it perfect and tender!!

When I made this for my family, I put in a bit too much chipotle peppers and it was REALLY REALLY spicy! But, the little bit we could eat was still good. Apparently, the longer you let the stew sit the more the chipotle seeps into the sauce and the spicier it gets. Left overs were nearly impossible to swallow down.

One time I replaced half the beef in the stew with tofu, and fried it the same as I did the beef (covered in flour and chocolate powder)… and Chris had NO idea. He still doesn’t know to this day. Mwahaha.

I am not going to post the recipe, but if you are interested just comment and I can send the recipe to you!!


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