Sweet Red-Pepper & Cayenne Sauce

I got a little adventurous last night for dinner. I have NEVER liked sour cream, ever! The smell of it makes me stomach turn. BUT- I decided to make a sour cream based pasta sauce for dinner last night, you know…. break out of my shell.

Well, it was a big mistake! I did not like it at all, and we ended up dumping it in the toilet. But I tried, and that’s what counts… right?

The recipe is “Sweet Red-Pepper and Cayenne Sauce” from Allrecipes (sticking to my allrecipes based menu this week). I am sure that if you liked sour cream you would enjoy the sauce, but it was not for me! I ended up having plain pasta with butter and seasoning salt. I think that is I had used a light cream instead of sour cream the sauce would have been perfectly fine.

But, I have learnt from my mistakes, and will never venture into the sour cream area’s again.

That is my boyfriends meal, he had steak with his. Lucky him, I don’t really eat steak. I was a vegetarian for years, and have jsut recently began reintroducing meat into my diet… so I only had the pasta… ugh.


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