Buffalo Chicken Wontons

Last night Chris and I remade a recipes that we had tried before, and this time it was MUCH better.

When we made them last time, we could not find wonton wrappers at any of the grocery stores where we live… so we made them into Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls, using rice paper.

This time, however, we had proper wonton wrappers. Instead of making them into triangles like wonton’s are supossed to be we made squares (using two wrappers) because we were having them as the main part of our dinner.

They are yummy and easy to make, and would make a great contribution to a pot luck or finger food meal.

I got the recipe from Allrecipes (I do actually use cookbooks, just this weeks menu was based on Allrecipe meals). It’s simply called “Buffalo Chicken Wontons”

I served them with Ranch sauce for dipping, but blue cheese would be good too, just like with wings (I just don’t like blue cheese).

Also, I baked them in the oven at 350 for seven minutes, then flipped them for seven more minutes. I chose to do this instead of frying them because it’s a wee bit healthier.


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