Strawberries with Cream Cheese!

Chris and I are in the middle of moving into an new apartment, and when we went to view it, it looked like a decent size. But, once we had the keys in our hands and had to start moving stuff in it started to look really really small. So, yesterday I bussed to the apartment during the day (which included going into the Timmies downtown Sudbury, which is TERRIFYING!). I brought a measure tape with me and measured out all the rooms, mapped them all out in a notebook, and drew in the furniture, just to make myself feel better about things fitting into the apartment.

For lunch, I brought my Bento Box, filled with the fixings for a spinach-strawberry-walnut salad. Yumm yumm.

For dinner, I was planning on making a pasta dish, but when Chris and I realized that it was the night before Lent, we decided to go out since I have decided to give up fast food and eating out/ordering in for Lent. We went to Tony V’s, a cute little restraunt right around the corner from the old apartment.

But, of course, I felt the urge to make something. So, for dessert I made a recipe I often make for dessert called “Valentine’s Night Strawberries” from Allrecipes. Fresh Strawberries that have creamcheese filling in them 🙂

These ones are from one of the other times I made them, but they look very similar (last night I didn’t dye the cream cheese green though)!!

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